CelesSteel... the story!


Some of my fondest memories of being a kid, were of my beloved cartoons and toys. I adored the action, adventure and colourful characters of shows like Transformers, The Real Ghostbusters, He Man, Thundercats etc. Aimed at kids, these shows were simplistic in their storytelling, but the colour and imagination behind them was striking and fun, and the storylines were always fast paced and exciting, the characters larger than life and emotive, and I've never forgotten just how much those shows meant to me long ago.

This is what inspired me to come up with CelesSteel, and see if the kid in me could take a shot of his own at creating something like the shows I sp enjoyed watching. As something of a love letter to the cartoons and pop culture of the 80s, CelesSteel aims to be a slightly more mature take on the genre, attempting to appeal to both younger fans, and an older audience who grew up with the same shows I did.

Whilst I tend to be skeptical by nature, another thing I found particularly interesting as a kid was starsigns, both the representative symbols and characters associated with each were fascinating to me, and I felt would provide me with a deep well of inspiration to base my characters upon. Additionally each sign had numerous addition elements associated with it such as gemstones, metals, colours and even flowers, so there was a huge amount of material I could refer to in creating the characters. Another huge plus to basing characters on the starsigns was the added personal appeal for the audience in seeing how their own starsign was represented in the story.


luke kiedron