Concieved as a new and exciting fantasy franchise, CelesSteel seeks to reinvigorate the modern fantasy market in the bright and colourful style of 80s Saturday morning action cartoons, featuring a team of fantasical and emotive characters, battling against the forces of darkness in heroic tales of action and adventure.

The story takes place in the post apocalyptic world of Gaiamor, devastated by a terrible war which brought about the collapse of civilisation. Our heroes, the Order of CelesSteel, are the champions of humankind chosen by the benevolent Star Gods, to fight against terrible and evil foes in order to protect the last remnants of humanity from the forces of darkness that seek to destroy them. Our heroes will find themselves battling against all manner of adversaries, from lawless marauding punks and criminals, to corrupt corporations and magical, demonic monstrosities as they strive to drive back the tide of darkness.

CelesSteels main cast of heroes and villains alike are all designed to feel similar to the retro cartoons, toys and comics which inspired them. The character designs feature an emphasis on striking physical elements and bold, individualised colour schemes to give each of them a strong and immediate visual appeal to appeal to both young and mature fans alike, for a striking and distinctive image that makes that quick and easy to engage with emotionally.  a strong impression of their personalities and affiliations from the get go, making them quick and easy to engage with and pick your favourites. 



About the creator

As a child, I adored toys and cartoons, especially those focused on action and adventure, with larger than life heroes and villains. I was a huge fan of Transformers, He Man, She Ra and the Thundercats. I loved the way everything in these shows was so exciting and colourful, how the stories and characters were simple but engaging and loaded with imagination, it was so easy to pick out favourite characters from both the good guys and the baddies.

It often seems to me these days, that so much of this has been lost in modern day entertainment and cartoons, that sense of joy and wonder has gone, replaced with overly serious and static characters and storylines that take either themselves far too seriously, or nothing seriously enough, and do nothing to engage that youthful sense of FUN that drove so many cartoons of the 80s.



Creating the characters

This lead to me creating CelesSteel, in an attempt to recapture some of that childhood wonder. I wanted to see if I could create something new, with a storyline and characters that were bright, fun, and easily accessible and engaging for new fans to get into quickly, without having to spend too much time reading into the stories and catching up.

I had always found Starsigns to be particularly interesting, and so decided to develop my characters based upon this, and also be developing them based on this theme, it would make it easy for people to gravitate toward their own sign, and perhaps pick a favourite based upon that. Whilst CelesSteel isn't the first franchise to do this, Saint Seiya being a notable example, personally I found those character designs to be rather boring, and their appearances bore little resemblence to the signs they represented. 

I designed each member of CelesSteel to be as unique as possible, and represent their sign in a clear visual fashion. I coloured their outfits based on those associated with their respective sign, and also to be as unique from one another as these selections would allow, I wanted each design to be strong and distinctive individually, but also fit nicely with the team as a whole, the real appeal of these characters being in seeing them all together.



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